We want you to have a great tattoo experience!

We do personalized, original tattoos, designed to look great on you for a lifetime. 

-At Parlour Tattoo Studio we take great pride in providing excellent customer service. Here you'll find the cleanest, most modern facilities available. We are fully licensed and individually registered with the Los Angeles County public health department. We are in complete compliance with all state and local statutes.  Parlour Tattoo has gone to great lengths in order to provide you with the BEST (and safest) tattoo experience possible

The best way to start the process of a getting a tattoo is contact us for a free consultation. Call us, or send us an email with an attatched picture of your ideas. We'll schedule a time to for you to come in and talk to one of us about the tattoo. As we price tattoos by the piece, we can probably give you a pretty good estimate at this time. Also, there are limitations to tattooing. Placement, size, color, budget, subject matter all play a part in getting a tattoo, that's why we need to know certain things about what you want. We WILL be honest with you. We will never rush you.

After the consultation, we go to work drawing up the approved concept. We want your tattoo to be what YOU want. Sometimes we have to suggest changes or amendments, but we'll try to give you what you ask for. After all, it's your tattoo, not ours.

When we have an approved design, you can make another consult appt. if you want. Let us show you in person what we've drawn up, go over possible placements, sizes, etc.

When we know you're 100% sure about the tattoo, we'll schedule you in.

We do require a non-refundable deposit to hold your tattoo appointment.

If you don't show for the appointment you lose your deposit. It you decide to make another appointment you will have to put down another deposit.

If you call and cancel the appointment your deposit will be held for the next appointment time that you make. 

We prefer that you call and cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance but we know that emergencies happen.

ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. We don't rush. This is permanent.

On the day of your appointment we suggest that you eat before you arrive. We also ask that you wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the tattoo site.  Be sure to have some form of valid photo identification with you.

If you didn't eat before the tattoo and get hungry during the procedure we will take a break and let you eat. Sorry, food and drinks are not allowed in the work stations (around the chair where you get tattooed) as per state law.

The Health Department also doesn't want anyone else in the station besides the person getting the tattoo and the artist. 

Children shouldn't be in the stations either. If you must bring your kids please make sure they stay in the waiting area, and have someone to watch 'em.  

State law also states that we are NOT allowed to tattoo ANYONE UNDER the age of 18. 

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