Safer at the Studio

We understand that the CDC feels it is safe to go without a mask if you are fully vaccinated for Covid-19, but we ask you to maintain wearing a face mask while indoors here at Parlour Tattoo.

We tattooers should treat everyone like they are a potential source of infection. We are not going to ask you to show proof of vaccination. We are going to assume you are not. Regardless of your vaccination status, we ask you to continue wearing a face mask.

At Parlour Tattoo the health and welfare of our staff and clientele is our most important consideration. As such, Parlour Tattoo will not be providing tattoo services above the clavicle (collar bone). That means no tattoos will be done on the neck or head. The artist has the last says whether they will preform a tattoo, and Parlour Tattoo stands behind their decisions.