Dave Giron  (owner)


Dave has 16 years of tattoo experience, and also holds a degree in Graphic Design. This means he is a perfectionist. (and will probably go to extremes when it comes to the exact details of your tattoo..)   Parlour Tattoo Studio was designed by he and his wife Mercy, to be welcoming and comfortable, and it came to be as the result of his passion for art. (well, that, and he kind of has a slight aversion to "corporate bullshit") Dave does all styles of tattooing, and believes tattoos have an individual and personal meaning to the wearer. He always tries to follow the vision of his clients, only deviating from their original idea when it's absolutely necessary. Dave is also kind of a nerd, actually.  He knows comics, video games, and all kinds of mythology, and he loves to tattoo these subjects and themes. (don't even mention Pokemon)

Simon Lee


Simon’s tattoo career started in 2012, apprenticing under shop owner Dave. Simon studied illustration in San Francisco up until 2017. He spends his time doing what he loves most designing meaningful, playful, and striking pieces. He’s always willing to collaborate and bringing your ideas to life. Bold designs and fun colors convey his personality. He is always ready for any style of tattoo that comes through the door. If you are more in touch with ancestral tattooing, he’s open to hand poked tattoos, to assist those on a journey towards different style.

Alfredo Alvear

Alfredo has been tattooing since 1995. With almost three decades of experience Alfredo can do whatever tattoo you need done. While Alfredo can do just about any tattoo you want in any style you'd like, he does have an affection for tattoos of dead things, flowers, wildlife, traditional and neo-traditional, punk/metal, internal combustion, geek stuff, and cute things. Generally Alfredo is gregarious and easy to work with. Alfredo understands that keeping the client happy in paramount, but he'll also be honest with you and save you from bad ideas if necessary - "I'll do exactly what you want up until what you want isn't going to look good," is his customer service philosophy. Alfredo is willing to work with designs that clients bring in or draw an original idea for the client.  The many years of tattooing also mean that Alfredo has had to do many coverups and tattoo "fixes." While many artists don't like doing coverups or fixes, Alfredo considers these unique technical and artistic challenges. So from getting that "mom heart" to that portrait of your new puppy, from that flaming skull to getting rid of that ex's name that's been there way too long Alfredo will get the job done.